Being New Yorkers, mothers, daughters, and friends, we find ourselves at the center of this pandemic. Our hearts break for those affected, while swelling with love for those who put their health on the front lines every day, in order to protect ours. For this we say “thank you” to our tireless Health Heroes, in any way we can.

✨We partnered with DonateBeauty to deliver 1000 of our masks to these 10 hospitals across the country, in the hopes that those working to keep us safe find a little respite at the end of a long shift. Small moments of self-care can make a big difference, for all of us. 
New York Presbyterian 
Weill Cornell 
Mount Sinai Beth Israel 
NYU Langone 
Kaiser San Diego 
St Mary’s Hospital - Wisconsin 
JFK/Hackensack Medical Center 
Kings County Hospital 
Kaiser NorCal 
✨We launched the Get One + Give One initiative, where for every mask sold on our site, we will send one to a worker on the front-lines. Twice a month, masks will be shipped out. Check back for updates! 
✨We have worked with our manufacturing partners to produce an FDA-Approved, 70% alcohol, moisturizing hand sanitizer gel. This will be sent off to hospitals, care facilities, schools, and medical clinics; any organization that needs it. If you know of an organization in need, drop us a line at info@justglownyc.com and we’ll get on it! 
✨We’ve also partnered with our sister brand, ChicTweak, in order to create the #HealthyHappyFund, which collects 10% of profits from sales of our sanitizer gel, and our reusable cotton facial masks. These funds will be donated to Children’s Village, and to the International Rescue Committee, who are both working to protect the vulnerable, here and around the world.    
Want to know more? We’re always personally manning emails, so let’s chat! 
Sending you all Peace & Love, Health & Happiness, 
Co-Founders, JustGlow

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